About the Colebrook Area

Thank you for your interest in joining our community and serving the residents of the Colebrook area. Nestled deep inside the Great North Woods region of Northern New Hampshire, Colebrook is the hub of northern Coös County, and is the largest town located north of Northumberland. To the north is Stewartstown, to the east is Dixville, to the south is Columbia and to the west, across the Connecticut River, is Lemmington and Canaan Vermont. Colebrook’s villages include, Kidderville, Upper Kidderville and Factory Village.

Town highlights:

Colebrook: Colebrook is the regional shopping center, with Le Rendez-Vous French Bakery, La Perle’s IGA, Mostly Muffins, Fiddleheads and much more. The town is also known for Beaver Brook Falls, a perfect location for a picnic, the Coös Trail through Dixville Notch and Diamond Pond. Don’t forget to check out the Moose Festival in August or the Harvest Fair in October!

Pittsburg: Explore Pittsburg, the town with the largest area in New Hampshire. Discover Garfield Falls, where half the fun is finding out where it is, be tempted by the 1/2lb whoopie pie at Dube’s Pittstop, watch the sunset over Lake Francis atop Murphy Dam, go fishing on the Trophy Stretch of the Connecticut River or cruise for moose along Moose Alley.

Stewartstown: Stewartstown (and Clarksville) are located at the 45th Parallel, visit this landmark putting you halfway between the equator and the North Pole. The village of West Stewartstown is home to some of the best Poutine in New Hampshire. If you like snowmobiling then you’ll love watching or participating in the annual Sno-Deo at Coleman State Park.

Dixville Notch: Dixville Notch is home to the Balsams grand hotel, currently closed, but known for its incredible cross-country and downhill skiing and its beautiful location. Nationwide Dixville Notch is known as the “First in the Nation” voting location. Every four years at midnight the nation watches the residents of Dixville Notch become the first voters to vote in the Presidential Primary and vote for President in the General Election. While in Dixville, feel like you’re on top of the world by hiking your way to the amazing flat topped Table Rock, which hangs 2,510 feet over a deep gorge!

Colebrook Area Clinical Sites

Places to Eat
Where to Shop
WiFi and Cell Coverage
  • Breakfast/Lunch
    Le Rendez Vous French Bakery
    121 Main St. Colebrook

    Mostly Muffins
    51 Parsons St. Colebrook

    Dunkin’ Donuts
    158 Main St. Colebrook

    MooseMuck Café
    25 Parsons St. Colebrook

    Wilderness Restaurant
    181 Main St. Colebrook

    Colebrook House of Pizza
    1 Parsons St. Colebrook

    Rainbow Grille and Tavern
    140 Black Lake Rd. Pittsburg

    Tracy’s Hillside Grille
    2277 N Main St. Pittsburg

    Spa Restaurant
    869 Washington St. Stewartstown

    97 Main St. Colebrook

    Li Wah Restaurant
    5 Colby St. Colebrook

  • Grocery Stores
    La Perle’s IGA
    64 Main St. Colebrook

    Solomon’s Store
    32 Main St. W. Stewartstown

    Farmer’s Markets
    Colebrook Farmer’s Market
    Saturdays, 8am-noon in Summer
    43 Colby St. Colebrook

    Big Apple Convenience Store
    158 Main St. Colebrook

    Young’s Store
    2792 N. Main St. Pittsburg

    Rainville Farm Bear
    543 Bear Rock Rd. Colebrook

    Rite Aid
    91 Main St. Colebrook

    Indian Stream Health Center
    141 Corliss Lane Colebrook

  • Free WiFi/Computer Access
    Tracy’s Hillside Grille: 2277 N Main St. Pittsburg, Free WiFi.
    First Home Run Entertainment: 112 Main St. Colebrook, Free WiFi.
    Northern Comfort Motel: 1 Scott Phillips Hwy (Rt. 3) Colebrook, Free WiFi.
    Colebrook Public Library: 126 Main St. Colebrook, Free Wifi/Computer access.
    The Inn at Bear Tree: 3320 Rt. 3 Pittsburg. Free WiFi.

    Cell Phone Coverage
    Pittsburg: No cell service.
    Clarksville: No cell service.
    Stewartstown: No cell service.
    Colebrook: 3G service throughout the town.
    Columbia: No cell service.
    Dixville: 3G cell service.
    Wentworth’s Location: No cell service.