Regions of the North Country


Welcome to the North Country!

We’re delighted to have you join our community and value your interest in serving the residents of the area. An integral part of Live, Learn, and Play in Northern New Hampshire is to help foster a meaningful North Country experience for you. We believe this can be facilitated through excellent clinical sites and a community service project.

Before selecting a site and specific project, you may wish to know a bit more about the community in which you’ll live.  This can help improve your understanding of the area and its people. Below are links to descriptions of the different areas, including highlights from the area, school information, and WiFi and cell phone coverage.

Are you interested in exploring opportunities to network, socialize, and enjoy the many opportunities that exist in the North Country? We encourage you to visit the local chamber of commerce websites as well as the young professionals networks that exist in New Hampshire. Click to explore:

General information about the North Country

Northern New Hampshire, often called the North Country, includes Coos and Northern Grafton Counties.  The North Country suffers from relatively high poverty and a population loss as the logging and paper industries declined.  However, the tourism industry, in particular visitors who come to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, camp, hike and mountain bike, has helped offset economic losses from mill closures.

Like many rural areas, the North Country is medically under served.  Residents of rural areas face unique challenges in maintaining and improving health.  These include physical distance between people and resources along with the health issues that come with an older population.  Rural residents also must cope with reduced access to care arising from less insurance coverage (due to unemployment in small industries) and provider shortages.

Each town has dealt with the changing economic conditions in different ways.  Although Northern New Hampshire faces many problems, it remains a region with vast beauty, recreation and community involvement.

To learn more about each of the 6 geographical/cultural areas in northern New Hampshire, please click on the links above.