Community Service Opportunities

The community project is designed to be an experience outside the clinic setting.  In the rural health service environment, community service becomes a way of life for many practitioners. For our program, community service means student involvement in community-based activities that provide opportunities for reflective learning.  Students should be able to reflect upon their leadership role in the community and connect their service as a professional to a civic role within the community. Every student should actively explore their communities.

The type of project each student will complete will depend on the student’s time, skills and passions.  The project could be anything from establishing an Anger Management Group in a local school to researching health issues that affect rural residents and presenting those findings at health fairs and community events.  Through conversations with the program’s Student Coordinator, students will identify and design a project that will broaden their community experiences. At the end of their rotation/internship, each student will write a reflection or give a presentation of their experience that will be shared with future students and the community. Throughout the North Country there are a variety of community organizations students can work with. For more information please review the Live, Learn, Play Community Service Project Guidelines.